Rules, Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations

No early setup/early access to the space will be permitted. Please reserve your space with setup/breakdown time included. An additional hourly rate will be charged if the space is not clean and vacated by the time indicated at checkout.  

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building at any time, nor is it allowed within 20 feet of any exterior entrance.  

Absolutely no alcohol is allowed to be brought in or served by hosts, guests, or caterers.  

No children under 12 years of age are allowed on the second floor unless an exception is provided in writing by the Venue Manager - contact 

All exits must remain unobstructed at all times.

Tables, chairs, or any other furniture items may not be borrowed or moved without prior permission from the Venue Manager.   

All equipment brought into the building must have non-marking tires. 

Duct tape, nails, and temporary adhesives are not permitted on floors/walls/railings etc. under any circumstances.  Nothing is to be nailed or screwed into any of the wall surfaces. Five hundred dollars ($500) will be assessed for degradation of the facility. 

No glitter or confetti is permitted on premises.  

No candles or open flames of any kind permitted. 

The Event Host/Lessee is responsible for meeting deliveries and coordinating event setup and breakdown. The Venue Manager and employees of Mural City Coffee Company are not responsible for signing for or coordinating deliveries. 

All medical and emergency occurrences as well as any damage to the space, facility and/or premises, to include any property of MCCC, must be made known to the Venue Manager or a representative of Mural City Coffee Company immediately. 

Mural City Coffee Company is not responsible for damage or theft of the Event Host/Lessee, guest or contractors of Lessee’s belongings.  

All items brought into the building to support the event must be removed at the conclusion of the event unless prior arrangements are made with the Venue Manager.  Any items left at the Event Space will be donated or thrown away 24 hours after the conclusion of the event and a cleaning fee will be charged for any items left behind. This includes items brought by decorators, caterers, florists, etc. 

Depending on the nature of your event, a refundable cleaning deposit may be due at the time of reservation. 

The Event Host/Lessee is responsible for any and all damage due to items and/or equipment brought in by any and all persons and/or services retained by Lessee. 

Live music, bands and/or disc jockeys are welcome for First Floor / MONDAY reservations only.    

Event and all related cleanup, to include Caterer, Band, Decor, etc. must be completed by the Event Host/Lessee and/or an agent of Lessee, and the space must be vacated by the end of your scheduled reservation. 

Children under 19 years of age are not allowed in any space, facility and/or premises without a parent or guardian.  

The Venue Manager and/or a representative of Mural City Coffee Company will be on site during the entire event. 

Additional Rules & Requirements 


Private security may be required for full floor rentals depending on the size and nature of your event. We will assess your application to determine whether security is required. In the event that security is required, we will use our licensed security agency and the event host will be billed for the hours security is needed. (To be determined prior to the event).  


*Kitchen, food prep space, cooking/baking/heating/warming and refrigeration is NOT available.  For first floor/Monday reservations only, a licensed Caterer may have access to water supply.  


Any areas (tables, countertops, etc.) used to serve food must be returned to their original condition as of occupancy. 

All tables must be bussed during and after the event. Food and disposable plates must be thrown away.  

For first floor rentals,  all trash must be bagged and placed in the dumpster behind MCCC. 

Failure to maintain the occupied area as required will result in an additional cleaning charge of $50-$250.00, payable by the Event Host/ Lessee. 


Lessor reserves the right, though management, agents or police, to eject any objectionable person or persons from the Facility, and Lessee hereby waives any and all claims for damages against Lessor arising from such removal. 


Cancellations must be provided in writing. 


100% Refund for Cancellations 45 days or greater prior to event. 

50% Refund for Cancellations between 31 and 44 days prior to event. 

NO REFUND for cancellations within 30 days of the event. 


100% Refund for Cancellations 14 days or more prior to the event.  

50% Refund for Cancellations between 4-13 days prior to the event.  

NO REFUND for Cancellations within 72 hours of the event.  

No Shows: 

If Lessee does not cancel the event nor show up on the day of the event, NO refund will be given. 


The Space: 

Mural City Coffee Company/Lessor hereby sub-leases to the Event Host/Lessee, in accordance with the terms and provisions listed above, the Space indicated by Event Host/Lessee in the form completed upon booking, which is located at 192 S Foster Street, Dothan, AL (the Premises) for Event Host/Lessee’s private event on the date and during the time indicated at checkout. 

Rental Fee & Deposits: 

Event Host/Lessee agrees to pay to Mural City Coffee Company/Lessor a rental fee in the total amount indicated at checkout for use of the Space and any additional services as indicated by Lessee in the form completed upon booking, in accordance with the terms and conditions listed here. 

If the Lease Period is within 30 days of booking, all fees (Rental and Services) are due upon the execution and delivery of this Rental Agreement for all full floor reservations. If the Lease Period is within 14 days of booking, all fees (Rental and Services) are due upon the execution and delivery of this Rental Agreement for all single space reservations. All reservations not paid in full by the time indicated above are subject to cancellation. 

A cleaning deposit may be required and will be determined prior to your event.


Neither Mural City Coffee Company, nor any of Mural City Coffee Company’s owners, members, successors, assigns, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or the heirs, administrators, executors and/or personal representatives of any of them nor the owners of The Swan Building/property (collectively, the Lessor Parties) shall, in any event, be liable to Lessee or any of Lessee’s family members, guests, invitees, employees, contractors and/or agents (collectively, the Lessee Parties) for any injury or death to Lessee or any of the other Lessee Parties, or any property damage arising from Lessee’s use of the Space, Facility and/or the Premises. 

Lessee does hereby covenant with and agree to indemnify and hold harmless all of the Lessor Parties from and against any and all claims, damages, expenses, and/or liabilities, including, without limitation, and attorneys’ fees, court costs and/or expenses incurred by Lessor in connection therewith, arising court costs and/or expenses incurred by Lessor in connection therewith, arising from Lessee’s use of the Space, Facility and/or Premises (collectively, the Indemnified Claims). In consideration for the use of the Space, Facility and/or Premises, Lessee shall and does hereby forever release and discharge the Lessor Parties from any and all Indemnified Claims. 

The Event Host/Lessee shall keep the Space, Facility and the Premises in good condition, and shall not permit any unusual wear, damage, breakage and/or theft to occur. Event Host does further agree to reimburse Mural City Coffee Company, and to repair and/or replace and all damages to the Space, Facility and/or Premises, and to repair and/or replace any and all personal property therein, which may or might be damaged and/or lost while Event Host has the use and/or custody of the Space, Facility and/or Premises. Mural City Coffee Company hereby strongly recommends that Event Host purchase an event liability insurance policy covering the Event Host and listing Mural City Coffee Company as additional insured, to cover any such damages. Event Host hereby acknowledges and agrees that, should Event Host elect not to purchase such insurance coverage, Event Host shall be solely responsible for such damages. Any and all amounts owed by Event Host to Mural City Coffee Company pursuant to this paragraph shall be paid by Event Host within 10 days after the Event. 

Event Host hereby acknowledges and agrees that Mural City Coffee Company shall not be responsible for damage or loss of any item left in the Space, Facility and/or Premises before and/or after the Event, and Mural City Coffee Company/The Swan Building is hereby expressly released and discharged by Event Host from any and all liability for any such loss or damage. 


A.   Compliance with Laws: 

Event Host shall comply with, and shall cause all of the Event Attendees and Sub Contractors to comply with any and all applicable laws of the United States and the State of Alabama, and any and all ordinances of the City of Dothan, in its use of the Space, Facility and/or Premises, and shall not permit anything to be done in the Space, Facility and/or Premises in violation thereof. 

B.    Authority: 

If Event Host is or represents a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other entity, Event Host warrants that all consents or approvals required of third parties (including but not limited to its Board of Directors, partners or members) for the execution, delivery and performance of this Rental Agreement have been obtained, and that Event Host has the right and authority to enter into and perform its covenants contained in this Rental Agreement. 

C.  Joint and Several Liability: 

If Event Host comprises more than one person, or is a corporation, partnership, committee or other entity, the liability hereunder of all such persons, corporations, partnerships or other entities shall be joint and several. The undersigned guarantor guarantees all obligations of Event Host pursuant to this Rental Agreement. 


A.   Resolution of Disputes by Binding Arbitration: 

Each and every claim and cause of action arising out of or related in any way to the Lease, including but not limited to the design, construction, sale, maintenance, habitability or condition of the Premises or the Facility, shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration in accordance with the terms and provisions set forth in this Section. 

 B.    Arbitrators: 

All arbitrations shall be resolved by an arbitrator selected by the parties from a list of names provided by the American Arbitration Association, provided, however, that in the event the amount in controversy exceeds $100,000, the matter shall be resolved before a panel of three (3) arbitrators pursuant to the Rules of the American Arbitration Association. 


By checking "agree" on the booking form, you verify that you have read and understood the rules and regulations presented on this page. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations and/or failure to provide all necessary documentation may result in the cancelation of your reservation, additional fees, legal action, and/or the prohibition of future reservations.